Biodegradable Degreaser

    Biodegradable Degreaser

    Packing Size: 10L/ 25L


    G057 is a concentrated biodegradable degreaser which is formulated according to the standard of Kementerian Alam Sekitar without any hazardous solvents and is able to biodegrade after draining into the sea. This solution dilutes in water and has a very powerful effective degreasing on all applications and industries. It can remove grease, lubricants, cutting oils, fuel oils, tar, road salt, light carbon, food stains, wax, animal fat, mildew and soot. Suitable for container service, marine service, vehicles service and other industries that need to follow the standard of Kementerian Alam Sekitar.

    Features & Functions:
    -Effective degreasing on grease, lubricants, cutting oils and etc.
    -Biodegradable in water
    -Compliant with Kementerian Alam Sekitar
    -No any hazardous solvents

    Ready to use.

    Available Sizes:
    10 litres
    25 litres